Facility Management


If you need to get things done in-house every day, Bizport also offers complete facility management. Bizport can create a total copy center in your office producing everything from black and white copies to color copies to binding. We can literally do it all. We can coordinate with other facilities within your organization to fulfill their copy needs and work with local administrative personnel to help ship them there. All of this plus a streamlined billing system and annual training.

Here are some other benefits of letting Bizport manage your facilities:

  • Worry-Free Preapproved Pricing - Pricing is preapproved and there is no haggling.
  • Focused Billing - Having facility management helps streamline the billing process.
  • Lower Costs - Bizport owns, fixes and replaces all gear. There are no HR, workman's comp or health insurance costs associated with the facility.
  • Quality - Personnel is quality trained. Bizport is in the copy business and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.
  • Gear - We place equipment specific to the customer's needs, never selling them extra, unnecessary machines.
  • Partnership - We are no longer a vendor, but a partner in your growth. The more you succeed, the more we grow. "We are the Business in your Business."
  • Contingency - No more panic when your copier breaks and you need to complete jobs. We have 24/7 access to the local Bizport.
  • Accessibility - We are available 24/7.
  • Core Competency - Why have a $100 per hour paralegal or an analyst spend time making copies when you can focus on your specific business goals.
  • Availability - Turnaround time is shortened by eliminating travel and wait time for an outside vendor to finish the job it is running for other customers.
  • Proofs - Because we are in the same building, we can easily show proofs before mass production. Fewer mistakes.
  • Confidentiality - This is a bigger issue than most suspect. The document never leaves the building and if it does there remains a defensible "chain of custody."
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