Custom printing for when you need it fast and at a great price.

Whether you need ten or ten thousand, black + white or color (and everything in between), we’ll handle the details so you can get back to business. We can work with your hard copy originals or digital files in a wide variety of formats. Have a tough deadline? No problem, we provide same-day service, including local pick-up and delivery.


  • Black + white and color printing/copying
  • Litigation Copying (including large document productions)
  • Custom Index Tabs
  • Bates Labeling
  • Binding (3-Ring, GBC, Velo, Coil, Tape, Acco)
  • Lamination
  • Drilling
  • Folding
  • CD/DVD duplications (including labels and sleeves)


From start to finishing. We offer numerous bindery options, all with their own specific use.


Perfect Binding
With perfect binding, pages are folded, gathered, sewn, and glued into a cover to construct a squared-off spine. Perfect binding is the preferred method for novels, paperbacks, softcover books, coloring books, catalogs, journals, and magazines.

Saddle-stitching is the most cost-effective and simplest binding technique available. In this technique, parent sheets are cut, folded, and stapled together to form a completed booklet. This version of binding is used for comic books, workbooks, smaller catalogs, cookbooks, and booklets of all kinds.

GBC Binding
Also called plastic comb binding, this technique is best for technical manuals with a lot of pages which must lie flat. The stack of pages comprising the book is punched with a sequence of holes along the binding edge through which a plastic comb is inserted. It can accommodate numerous pages, and pages can be added or removed as needed.

Coil (Wire-O and Spiral Binding)
In wire and spiral binding, holes are drilled along one-half of the pages, afterward, a wire comb is clamped down into the holes, or a plastic spiral is placed through them. Wire and Spiral binding both lie flat. This method is often used for cookbooks and manuals.

Plastic Coil Binding
This is similar to spiral binding. Although wire can be crushed, plastic is a sturdy alternative. Also, plastic coil bindings come in various colors.

Tape Binding
Tape binding is mostly used for presentations. In the first case, the cover page and book pages are taped together over the edge of the binding.

Velo binding entails, a thin, flat piece of plastic which runs the length of the edge that is bound on the front and back of the book, afterward thin plastic pegs attach the two through the pages of the publication.

Paper prong fasteners that organize papers neatly and inexpensively. Most frequently used for construction documents such as building plans.

The name implies exactly what this is: the massive binders we used in middle school. The flexible and plastic covers can be silk screened or bold graphic inserts can be printed and then inserted behind the clear covering.