Our Core Values


At BIZPORT, GRIT is not something we do, it is who we are. We are guided by the principles of Greatness, Respect, Innovation, and Tenacity in everything we do, every decision we make at every level of the organization. BIZPORT is more than just a place to work, it’s a place to express yourself, find your passion, fuel your creativity, and make lasting connections. We’re a fun-loving, gritty bunch of people who work hard every day to support each other, our customers, and our communities.

How We Develop Our Team

  • Semi-annual evaluations, incorporating one-on-one process improvement and dual feedback initiatives.
  • Cross-training provided by departmental leadership.
  • Utilization of vendors’ national training programs to better understand and operate essential production equipment.
  • Weekly staff meetings to gain company-wide awareness of operational and financial challenges and opportunities.
  • Positive Linguistics training for better internal communications.
  • Providing tables at industry related and Chamber events.
  • Flexible scheduling and support for all employees looking to further their education.
  • Off-site Team Building and Training.

Our Benefits

  • Comprehensive insurance package, including three levels of medical coverage options, dental benefits, and company-paid life insurance.
  • IRA benefits offered via payroll-deduction.
  • Flex-spending accounts for medical and dependent-care expenses.
  • Profit sharing through phantom stock bonus program.
  • Tiered PTO program, offering up to 4 weeks of vacation time per year in addition to company-wide Holiday pay.
  • Annual Bonus Program for all employees.
  • Fully Stocked Employee Cafeteria
  • Pay for all race entries for local sporting events
  • Walking 1on1 meetings
  • Monthly Employee Events and Annual Holiday Parties
  • Employee and Manager of the Quarter Awards and Bonuses
  • Gift Cards to reward performance and exceptional customer service on a regular basis

BIZPORT Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA)

In 2017, the Lean/Six Sigma Academy (LSSA) was created at BIZPORT. The academy, using Lean/Six Sigma principles and methodologies that were created at Toyota in the post- World War 2 Japan, teaches our associates the philosophies of a continuous improvement program.

Three of the features of the Lean program are:

  • The identification and resolution of the eight wastes that can, and will, hinder a company’s growth and advancement.
  • The creation of an atmosphere and culture where production-level associates are given the tools and empowerment to improve our work process, leading to better work satisfaction and greater value to our customers.
  • The goal of achieving small, consistent improvements every day, leading to greater improvements over weeks and months.

While Lean focuses on the elimination waste, Six Sigma focuses on data analysis and the elimination of variation in data leading to, again, a better work process and environment and creating more value for our customers.

Careers @Bizport

As a diverse group of individuals from multiple nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, and life experiences, we are able to meld together to form a cohesive unit called BIZPORT. No matter our differences, we work hard and play hard, together. It’s an infectious reward that pays dividends to BIZPORT’S employees and ultimately seeps into the fabric of our great community.