From business cards to yard signs, there is no denying that print marketing is a vital component of any Real Estate company or agent’s marketing toolkit. Well branded materials help you stand out in an already saturated marketplace and provide an excellent opportunity for exposure, helping you to attract potential customers. The possibilities of what you can do with a custom print package are endless. Here are some tips and tricks we think can take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

#1 Custom Business Cards

You know the saying, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Business cards are still a powerful tool that can be utilized to help you stand out from your competitors from the start. With paper choices ranging from traditional (classic white or ivory) to bold (kraft brown and pearl metallic), different shapes and sizes (squares, minis, and custom cuts), variable images and graphics (picture or no picture), there is an incredible opportunity to be innovative when representing yourself and your brand. TIP: Stay true to the essence of your brand personality. Authenticity is the key to good branding.


#2 Real Estate Newsletters

While digital marketing is an important component of any marketing strategy, staying in touch with clients and prospects sometimes means giving them something to touch, literally. Newsletters are an essential tool for both brand awareness and for building a business network of complementary services (banks, construction companies, insurance, etc.)  They are also ideal for announcing your upcoming schedule of open houses and listings, as well as educating your customers with articles on finance, real estate and more. Our newsletters come in both standard and custom sizes and can even become self-mailers. TIP: When designing a real estate newsletter commit to a schedule you can stick to (monthly, quarterly, etc.) keep it simple, feature your brand colors, logo, and write in your brand voice.

#3 Real Estate Flyers

While flyers may not be a requirement, they are being used by the top producing agents in the field. In addition to sharing real estate flyers through email and on social media, it is a great idea to distribute real estate flyers at your open houses. After a long day of visiting numerous open houses, it will give your prospects something to remember you and your listing by. It is also a good idea to attach listing flyers to your yard signs as there are still many buyers who like to drive around and visit properties. Having a self-serve flyer on hand is a way to provide information to buyers, especially those who might not be ready to speak to an agent. Lastly, it is still very effective to mail flyers straight to your target markets. Although it might seem like an out-of-date practice, it remains a very effective method, especially when combined with variable data that can speak directly to its recipient. TIP: Create a template you can reuse that includes highly legible fonts, a brief house description, high-resolution professional photos (a must), a current list price, a clear call to action (CTA), and your contact information so buyers can contact you.


#4 Real Estate Brochures and Catalogs

When it comes to Real Estate brochures and catalogs there is a wide range of what can be done to meet your specific goals. It can be as simple as a 2 sided, half-fold brochure highlighting one particular property or as complex as a full multi-page catalog featuring all of your available listings. No matter which option you choose the goal should be the same, represent your properties and yourself in a way that helps you close a sale. Whether your needs are big or small, our digital print technology allows you to print-on-demand so you can order as many or as few as you need at one time. TIP: Know your audience and design a brochure solution that best suits their purchasing habits.

#5. Custom Presentation Folders

Want to look professional and polished? Of course, we all do. There is no question that real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork, from the initial listing to closing day. Providing a versatile pocket folder for all of the paperwork as well as a place to hold your business card guarantees that your information will be organized and stay close at hand. Pocket folders may be one of the best examples of where form meets function. And when you are providing a useful tool that helps someone stay organized, it rarely gets thrown away. TIP: Don’t be shy. Use this opportunity to build brand awareness by personalizing your folders with your name, photos, and contact information.

#6. Magnets

Make your brand stick with custom real estate magnets. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to stay in front of your prospects, then look no farther. Promotional magnets are a fantastic way to promote your brand and because of their budget-friendly price you can easily gift them at trade shows or send them out as part of a direct mail campaign. Options range from standard squares and rectangles to custom cut-out shapes. TIP: Due to the affordability factor alone this is the perfect chance to have a little fun. Unique shapes or a creative design will only help your odds of making it up on someone’s refrigerator or vehicle.

#7 Post Cards / Direct Mail

Just Sold, Open House and New Listing postcards are fundamental tools in every real estate companies’ arsenal. And for good reason, customized real estate postcards are a proven marketing tool. They can help you generate more listings, improve brand awareness, and drive traffic to your online platforms. At the end of the day the more listings you have, the greater your ability to grow your revenue and sales. The best thing about direct mail advertising is that it is highly targeted. You can pinpoint specific demographics (age, income, gender, etc.) in any given area. It is affordable, coming in way less than other types of advertising like TV or magazines. It is trackable, you will know exactly where your leads come from. And it is fast, you can have a postcard in the mail in very little time. TIP: Start with your target audience in mind. The more customized your mailers the more likely your message will resonate and lead to a successful campaign.

#8 Real Estate Signage

No real estate package would be completed without signage. It is, after all, the traditional hallmark of the housing industry. Your signage is by in large one of your most valuable marketing tools. Considering that signage has a moving audience, your brand has to be recognizable in the blink of any eye. Whether you are using Post & Panels, Sign Riders, Open House Signs, Feather Flags, Steel Frames, H-Frames, A-Frames, or Pop-up Tents developing a consistent visual presence throughout all of your signage cannot be overstated. We offer a wide range of signage options and have the ability to print direct to substrate creating a much higher quality product that can better stand up to the elements. TIP: The purpose of signage is to communicate clearly. Only include the necessary information and make that as readable from a distance as humanly possible. If signs can’t be read they can’t do their job of connecting you to your customers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need design services or are ready to print, a branded custom real estate kit will save you time and keep your brand looking its ultimate best. While we may have only mentioned a few of the basic components you could include, there is extraordinary potential with these, and with additional print marketing materials, to make a powerful lasting impression. We would love to help you build a custom real estate print marketing kit to improve your brand awareness and grow a profitable business. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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